Dear Sugar Creek,

With a heart full of gratitude and love, I thank you for seventeen spirit-filled years of life and ministry and for the loving and fun send-off you gave me on August 31st. To Nolan, Willa, Marge, Wendy, Ann, and singers of all ages, thank you for our joyous, prayerful worship service. To Jackie and all the cooks and servers, thank you for good cheer and monumental organization with the feast. Thank you for Cindy’s yummy cupcakes and Dorothy’s famous cake. To Laurie, Kris, and Marge, thank you for a fun-filled program, especially the
quiz and songs. To Alex, thank you for your creative work, making a beautiful painting of the new cornerstone, and becoming Sugar Creek’s newest resident artist.

To all of you: I will treasure the painting as a symbol of our ministry together and a reminder always: Soli Deo Gloria—to God alone the glory. And I will treasure as well my “updated” stole, the one you first gave meupon my installation as your pastor (made by Laurie). The stole shows significant dates of my Christian life.Yesterday you added both the final date of my ministry with you and the upcoming date of my installation atWorthington.

To go with your blessing is the greatest gift of all—thank you! I will treasure you always and remember
you with thanksgiving and great love!

Ever yours, in Christ’s friendship,

Julia Wharff Piermont