Some of you readers have seen copies of this book, “A Kiss on the Magic Spot.” For the benefit of others, here is some background on it and how you may get a copy.

Bob Lamb and his sons and daughters had a desire to memorialize Jean’s creative writing talents together with her strong faith. They also admired the caring services she received from both the local Alzheimer’s Association and Hospice of Dayton.

The book’s title commemorates a favorite saying of Jean’s which she used often when her children were youngsters. It became even more common in her later years when she greeted friends and family. Her gestures began by kissing her forefinger and transferring the kiss to the forehead of a favorite person between that person’s eyes. When asked what that meant, she answered by saying that a kiss there goes straight to the heart and says, “I love you.”

Since all profits from the sale of “A Kiss on the Magic Spot” go directly to the two charities mentioned earlier, the cost ($20.00) is tax deductible.

Those who wish to add to their library by acquiring this book can contact the church office or call Bob Lamb at 937-432-9116