Dear Church Family,

Each year we have the opportunity to make a financial commitment to the work and ministry of Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church. It is an important time in the life of the church. It is important because it provides us one of the most tangible ways in which we participate in the Kingdom of God.

Money is not always an easy topic to discuss within the church. Yet there is little that impacts our spiritual lives more than our relationship with money. That is because there is nothing that shapes our own identities with greater force than our finances. Author John Armstrong wrote,

“One’s relationship with money is lifelong, it colors one’s sense of identity, it shapes one’s attitude to other people, it connects and splits generations; money is the arena in which greed and generosity are played out, in which wisdom is exercised and folly committed. Freedom, desire, power, status, work, possession: these huge ideas that rule life are enacted, almost always, in and around money.”

When we give, we change far more than our account balances. When we give, God changes our hearts. When we give to the church and God’s work, we are taking one step in the direction of becoming more like Christ.

Just as important, when we give we change the lives of others. The theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is Mission Possible. That may sound reminiscent of a VBS program not too many years ago, and there is something fitting in this in that VBS and many of our programs for children and youth are an integral part of our mission. Our mission extends to every area of the life of the church. This includes our worship and music programs, our mission outreach commitments, our fellowship events and the multitude of other ways in which Sugar Creek is engaged in the mission to change lives as we fulfill our calling to be Christ’s body here in Kettering and out into the world.

We face exciting times as we look ahead into a new year. And we face challenges that come with the transitions we face as we move into a new chapter in the life of Sugar Creek. God calls us to live out a big mission. I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this mission to change lives through the work of the church, and to be transformed as you participate in this Mission Possible.

You may pick up a pledge card in the Cove area near the Sanctuary at the church, or fill one out online here.

Grace and peace,