Are you one of the growing number of Americans who pay all your bills online?  Or with a credit card?  Maybe you do not even have a checkbook.  And cash?  What is that???  So when the ushers pass the offering plate to you on Sunday morning, you want to give but you don’t have a convenient way to give.

If this is you, we have set up a giving mechanism that we hope will meet your needs!

If you click    ( or scan the QR code below you will be directed to our donation page at the Presbyterian Mission Exchange, a department of the Presbyterian Foundation.  There you can make an electronic donation using Electronic Funds Transfer directly from your bank (this is the preferred method since the fees are lower) or by credit card.  You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.  We have set up three different accounts so that you can pay your pledge to our General Ministry Fund, or to the Mortgage Fund or you can give to the Transplant the Texans Fund to help us defray the cost of moving the Dardaganians to Ohio.

As always, cash, checks, ACH transfers, bequests, stocks and other financial contributions are gratefully accepted.  If you need more information about any mechanism for giving to support the ministries of Sugar Creek Church, please contact Financial Resources Chair Marge Morgan (483-9491 or